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for friendly discussion about ourselves & what's important to us. begin any new thread with a fun or serious question for everyone who cares to answer...& ALWAYS answer your own questions. *civility required*. trolling, rudeness & hostility get you 86'd immediately.

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Holden S.
here is my question, how are you doing and how ...  topic
Christian/ theologian concepts  topic
what does atheism really mean?  topic
Submissive Vs. Femininism  topic
Money and having lots of it, would it change you ?  topic
what muppet do you most identify with and why?  topic
be honest...  topic
"It would save me a lot of money and it would b...  topic
Mental failure  topic
Stray baggage  topic
1-10  topic
PDA  topic
marriage  topic
what do you think about when laying awake unabl...  topic
Men & boys in feminine attire  topic
If you're a woman  topic
Moral Nihilism  topic
Swear that you don't....  topic
Emotional intelligence- Have your feeings taugh...  topic
What made you cry most recently?  topic
The Cell/Smart/I phone craze  topic
making time & getting grounded for greater sere...  topic
How comfortable are you with saying " NO " to s...  topic
Are you high maintenance ?  topic
Does the X-mas/New years season, make you want ...  topic

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